May 21, 2014 – Mine Falls, Nashua, NH

Oreo in buggy at Mine FallsOreo’s gait has been a little wobbly lately, so she gets in the DoggyRide after only about five minutes of brisk walking. She loves it, although she did try to jump out after the groundhog today! We’re signed up for the Wounded Warrior run on Sunday, and I may just start her out in the buggy from the start, we’ll see.

Today’s trials included a woman who, even though Oreo was sporting her pink collar and bright-pink Tripawds bandana said, “Oh, how handsome.” “PRETTY!” I replied. “She’s PRETTY!”

Next her husband let their Golden go long and nearly tangled the leashes. This was at the foot of the bridge. In the center of the bridge, like Billy Goats Gruff, were two small dogs, one on a long retractable lead all the way out. I called, “Would you retract your leash please?” He started to nonchalantly, but as I got closer he left it out and his dog charged at Oreo, teeth bared, jaws snapping. I don’t care if it was just a beagle, I yelled, “I TOLD YOU TO RETRACT YOUR LEASH!” And I am loud, man. His buddy tried sticking up for him. “He’s trying to…” Yeah, he managed to quick as a wink once I yelled. Sheesh.

I tried to shake it off, and God placed two angels on the trail. The first was a lovely-on-the-inside homeless lady, who smiled a big smile and said how cute Oreo is. That’s more like it. Then an adorable little boy wasn’t listening to his mother and started running toward Oreo. She had her hands full with a stroller and a baby and couldn’t hear me over the traffic so I gave body language with nodding and smiling, “It’s okay!” She visibly relaxed, and the little boy patted Oreo very nicely, then looked me square in the eye and said, “Good morning.” What a sweet lad.

At the end of the run I had to make my way through a gaggle of grannies who were waiting to walk/run en masse. I only had to ask one to control her dog so I could get through. Oh, and then there was the Irish guy on the trail who commented, “Now that’s the life,” when he saw Oreo riding. I think I may have accidentally said, “Yeah, lop off one of your legs and see how you like it…” but hopefully I only thought it. LOL!

Friday we’re going earlier to hopefully avoid all that nonsense! Naturally Oreo smiled the whole way through. She’s such a sweetie.

Author: weddingdance

Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

One thought on “May 21, 2014 – Mine Falls, Nashua, NH”

  1. OREO!! You are clearly a well-loved dog with a true advocate and protector as your human!!

    I hope we get to see you sitting like the Princess that yo are in your doggy vugy!

    You are really going to touch lives and nspire everyone who sees you during the Wounded Warrior Event. You certainy have touched the hearts of the tripawd community! You are such a good soul!!

    Thanks for te great update. Look forward to more pictires!!

    Sending lots of hugs and good wishes!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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