Oreo’s new spa: Pet Supplies Plus in Knoxville, TN

We went to the Pet Supplies Plus self-serve dog wash yesterday. So nice! They have the low step-in wash tub so I didn’t have to lift her or get her to walk up a ramp. Five dollars for fifteen long minutes! I was able to wash her with her Wondercide geranium soap. Even though she hasn’t had any fleas on her for ages, it smells really nice and leaves her so soft. Then she got blow-dried, and they had a mountain of clean towels at our disposal as well. Once again I neglected to get a picture! That’s all right, we’ll definitely be back there again, and next time I’ll be sure to get her picture.

Oreo is a Christian too!

Oreo loves to sing praise (well, she doesn’t actually make any sounds, but it’s in her heart). 🙂

My new church allows Oreo in since she’s in training to be a therapy dog. She was so good! When I stood up to start singing and clapping she stood up too, and started wagging her tail and smiling. Last week there was one song that bothered her a little; the drums were pretty strong. She started panting a bit, but I gave her some treats and she was fine. One of the ladies in the child care room asked if maybe we could go back there one week and visit the children. Oreo would love that! I’ll try to get a picture of her this week.