Oreo loves her new AST harness from tripawds.com

We’re still getting used to walking together with Oreo’s new AST harness but it fits great and has already been a big help getting her up and down her ramp. She’s 50 pounds, has a 27″ chest and is long, and the medium fits perfectly. I did get the shoulder strap but I haven’t mastered that yet, lol. When I pick her up like a doggy purse she smiles and smiles; I wish I could get a selfie of that.

The Pawfriction I got through the tripawds site is very interesting. It works really well on Oreo’s back foot, fairly well on her front feet. It took me a while to get the stuff (and the tube of glue) unstuck from my fingers afterward, ha ha! I won’t be leaving any fingerprints anywhere for a while. I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.

We just got back from the vet. Oreo has a bit of creaking in her back left ankle, and some arthritis in her right front elbow. This could be what caused her to take a spill down the stairs the other day, and also is probably why she needs to rest on our walks lately. We take they DoggyRide on our morning walk now. She walks to the park, does her business, then gets to ride home.

She is such a trouper, and I hate to see her getting old. I can empathize though; when she fell and I picked her up to carry her up the stairs, I had to rest halfway up; my left arm was too weak to hold her! It’s tough to get old, isn’t it, Oreo, my wonderful friend.

Oreo in her AST harness
Oreo’s back pad with Pawfriction on it.

Oreo at the health care rally

We got lost so only got to attend for about five minutes, but we made an appearance! I’m starting to recognize people from Pantsuit Nation and other groups, like IndivisibleGuide.org. This rally was put on by the Tennessee Health Care Campaign, wonderful people.

The other side of my sign says Medicare For All. I finally got some chalkboard paper ($2 on clearance at Target!) and repurposed my Evan McMullin for President yard sign. We go to so many protests now it’s the easiest way. 🙂

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Keep the faith that we can make it through these troubling times. #Resist!