March 23, 2015 – Oreo gets a de-shed

Oreo’s new sitter/groomer Jennifer works at in Knoxville, TN. Look how much undercoat she got off Oreo! And that’s after I furminated her (Oreo) on Saturday. Oreo is so clean and smooth now, and even has an Easter bandana for Easter Sunday. 🙂

Also good news, I was outside for eleven minutes the other day and Oreo didn’t even get up from her bed; normally she’s waiting anxiously inside the door or going window to window looking for me. Small progress on the separation anxiety front.

Oreo's cool summertime 'do.
Oreo’s cool summertime ‘do.

March 8, 2015 – So, Oreo met a neighbor dog yesterday…

Three stitches and $430 later I give you…Oreo the invalid. It didn’t help that I was screaming like a little girl. They’ll probably become fast friends, but when I saw the young, strong dog charging at mine I started screaming for help. The owner’s little boy had accidentally let the dog out and he came charging down the street after us. Luckily I got back to my own yard, but am too out of shape so didn’t make it to the house. The owner was right there, grabbed his pooch (who is actually a sweetie, they just got carried away) and came back to apologize, explain, and check on Oreo. These things happen. It’s a dog thing. 🙂

As soon as Oreo’s up for it we’re jumping back in the buggy and starting our 5K training again. Her spirits and appetite are good. I just ordered a Figure 8 harness since the stitches are right where her regular harness goes, and you know she’s so tricky a collar alone won’t cut it. Thank you, Renee, for the Vetericyn, I’ll be applying that today.

Oreo the invalid

2 Mar 2015 p.m. By the skin of our leash…

So I got the dining room table and chair out of the back of the SUV at our new house. I had seat-belted Oreo in the front passenger seat (the passenger side air bag is turned off). She didn’t like it, she couldn’t really get comfortable. It was only for the 15-minute ride.

I came down the porch steps to put the car in the garage and there was Oreo, LOOKING OUT THE BACK OF THE SUV!! She had UNHOOKED HER OWN SEATBELT and was lunging to get out. The only thing that kept my dog safe was the poop-bag holder attached to the handle of the leash; it got wedged in between the front seat and the console. Bad dog mama, always close the hatch!! She is WAY too smart for her own good.

Poop bag holder saves dog.
Poop bag holder saves dog.

2 Mar 2015: City dirt is easier to clean than red clay

The park near our new house. We sit and wait at the curb at every street crossing to learn safety.
The park near our new house. We sit and wait at the curb at every street crossing to learn safety.

Our first morning walk to the park along the school route. Crossing guards and tweens all commented on how beautiful Oreo is. A gaggle of boys tried to guess her breed(s) and came close. There was a huge possum in our yard when we returned; the blood is just now starting to come back into my leash hand, ha ha. My neighbor across the street came out and moved her car from the base of my front steps while I was gone so I wouldn’t have to go around it (on-street parking for those houses). I thought that was very nice. One rag and a fluff and buff and all the city dirt was gone! Much easier than the four baths to get Oreo’s fur from orange to white after the red clay of the mountains. 🙂 I’ll get some pics at the park next time. Furniture should arrive on Wednesday.