December 2018 Christmas in Ajo

It’s been an awfully tough year. Mom died a year ago, so I decided to hit the road in a tiny camper to get out of debt in her honor. (Note to self: never make a life-changing decision while in deep grief.) This was my second Christmas without Oreo’s grammy, although the first one was just a blur since her death had been so recent. Thank God for Oreo, cheering me up to no end.

Here’s Oreo in her Santa socks at the studio where I was teaching ballroom dancing. It’s the only place she really gets to run around.


November 2018 – DoggyRide repaired!

After losing the bolt that holds the front wheel on Oreo’s DoggyRide, we weren’t able to go for any runs on the road. When I got to my new home in Arizona I met a lovely woman named Shelley, who loves going for morning walks. The first time we went with her though, Oreo pooped out halfway around the park so I had to jog home, get my car, and drive back to where Shelley and Oreo were waiting; Oreo got anxious without me and started barking…it was not pleasant.

I got online to DoggyRide, asked about the part, they sent me the link, it was less than $5, arrived a few days later and boom! Running with Oreo in the Arizona wind! (Unfortunately, I injured my hip a few months after this and haven’t been able to run, but walking has been great.)

I’m writing this in August 2019, and Oreo has needed the DoggyRide more and more as we’re all aging. I’m so glad I got that replacement bolt!

September 2018 – Finally made it to Arizona!

What have I gotten myself and Oreo into?? The first rest stop we came to in Arizona had a nice area for dogs, along with a sign warning of poisonous snakes and scorpions!!! I saw a scorpion in the sink at a Texas state park restroom and a diamondback snake too,

but since I didn’t know what they were, I didn’t even know to be afraid, oi!

Traveling took so much out of me, and my phone died right after I got to Arizona, so I didn’t keep up with Oreo’s blog. She’s tired too, and can’t walk very far before jumping in her DoggyRide or needing help walking with her sling. She’s a real trouper though, hanging in there with me.