Oreo’s traveling days are over

So we all come to that sad day when we have to say goodbye. As good dog parents, we have to make the tough call to not be selfish in order¬†to spare our beloved pets from further suffering. That day has come for my sweet Oreo, and I’m strengthened by the community I found here at Tripawds.

I found some fist-sized tumors on her neck the other week when I gave her a bath, which explains the wheezing (in my state of denial I was sure it was pollen, or her collar, or her harness). A few days after that she had trouble squatting to poo, so just started going laying down. She hasn’t been eating much, didn’t want to go swimming the other day (huge red flag), and this morning groaned long and hard when we tried to help her up. I thought she might have had a mini-stroke or seizure or something; it was a sound she’s never made before.

I contacted my sister’s veterinarian to see if we can help Oreo cross the Rainbow Bridge this weekend, before she suffers any more.

I got a new phone and haven’t figured out how to post pictures yet, but honestly, she’s not looking too good¬†anyway. Here’s one from better days, when I would sing to her to the tune of the Chipmunks’ Christmas song “Christmas Don’t Be Late,” “You…are in…my Su-ba-ru…”


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Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

4 thoughts on “Oreo’s traveling days are over”

  1. I am so sad to hear Oreo is declining. It’s such a rough decision to make. You’ve always done your best by her, and she led a life full of love and adventure–thank you for sharing her with us.
    You’ll be in our thoughts at this so, so difficult time <3

    Dawn, Maggie, Danica, and Paul
    p.s. We just got a Subaru and I am stealing your song, my girls will get such a kick out of that. Not Paul.

  2. I’m so sorry to read about your darling Oreo. As hard as it is, you are absolutely making the right decision for her and sparing her from any further pain. She’ll be grateful, and one day you will travel together again. Thoughts are with you during this tough weekend xox

  3. Not expecting this post at all, not at all. I am so very, very, very sorry Oreo had to shed her earth clothes. I’m sad, just so sad.

    You gave her the most selfless gift of love when she needed it most. She knew you loved her enough to do that. She knew how much loved her every second of everyday.

    And we got to see that love, that beautiful bond you two shared everytime you let us travel by your side on every adventure.

    You two created so many treasured memories. I don’t think many dogs got to share so many different adventures as a Traveling Goodwill Ambassador for Tripawds. She touched soooo many lives. remember when you were training for that marathon a while back. She was “helping” you train in her Chariot and a passerby said “What a lucky dog.”

    Yes, Oreo was such a lucky dog to have shared her earthtime with you. Just as you felt privileged to have her in your life, she felt just as privileged to have you in hers. And your entire Tripawd family feels so lucky to know this exceptional dog and her hooman.

    I feel like Oreo has merely gone into her next adventure at the Rainbow Bridge and as uour Guardian Angel.

    I know your heart is shattered right now and your void seems unbearable. Your grief is gutting you right now. And it won’t go away anytime soon. I do know that eventually, slowly but surely, all those thousands of special times you shared will help heal your heart. I’m so glad you have chronicled those adventures here and with so many wonderful pictures of your precious Oreo.

    Without question Oreo will connect with you and, not only let you know she’s fit and heal, but will also let you know she is still right by your side. Yes, I have no doubt she will let you know that.

    I am so honored to get to know this wo derful Soul and her devoted hooman. Thank you for taking us along and letting us celebrate the glorious life of Oreo.

    Love and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  4. Ohhhhh Lee Ann we are soooo sorry to read this. I wasn’t prepared for that kind of news, I just figured you guys found a homestead. This just breaks our heart but we get it. You have always been there for your girl and so very, very good to her. And now in the toughest part of your life together, you are still there for her, putting her own needs ahead of the grief that is just over yonder.

    We are thinking of you this weekend and always after, and sending lots of love as your sweet traveling Tripawd transitions over the Bridge. She has good company waiting for her, I know she and our Jerry will be best friends.

    So very, very sorry my friend.

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