May 11, 2015 – Oreo is a social butterfly!

After having been so isolated in the cabin for eight months, I started to get a little worried about Oreo’s manners. I didn’t want her to forget how to have doggie friends. So, after a murder on the trail we usually walk (!) I decided to look for a dog-walking group, and found one on What a great bunch of people and dogs! We met once already, and Oreo made friends with Walter, a handsome young boxer/Lab-looking mix. All the other dogs were little so she really wasn’t that interested, but even when one went right up her butt (retractable leads really should be outlawed) she just gave a little warning growl and that was it. I, on the other hand, barked at the woman on the other end of the leash to lock that thing and get a real leash… 😉

Since I was nervous I put a yellow ribbon on Oreo’s leash, as in the Yellow Dog Project, but took it off after about five minutes.

We missed the next MeetUp at the quarry because I got lost. Every time I stopped for directions to the quarry, no one could understand me. Finally someone said, “Oh, the QUAIRY!” (like fairy). Yeah, that big rock hole filled with water. 😉 We went anyway, and there were four other dogs there. Oreo tried to make friends with two of them who didn’t want anything to do with her, and she ignored the other two, even when they came right up and smelled her. Isn’t it funny how they all have their own personalities, and they like some dogs but couldn’t be bothered giving the time of day to others.

We’re really looking forward to the next MeetUp!