Oreo’s traveling days are over

So we all come to that sad day when we have to say goodbye. As good dog parents, we have to make the tough call to not be selfish in order¬†to spare our beloved pets from further suffering. That day has come for my sweet Oreo, and I’m strengthened by the community I found here at Tripawds.

I found some fist-sized tumors on her neck the other week when I gave her a bath, which explains the wheezing (in my state of denial I was sure it was pollen, or her collar, or her harness). A few days after that she had trouble squatting to poo, so just started going laying down. She hasn’t been eating much, didn’t want to go swimming the other day (huge red flag), and this morning groaned long and hard when we tried to help her up. I thought she might have had a mini-stroke or seizure or something; it was a sound she’s never made before.

I contacted my sister’s veterinarian to see if we can help Oreo cross the Rainbow Bridge this weekend, before she suffers any more.

I got a new phone and haven’t figured out how to post pictures yet, but honestly, she’s not looking too good¬†anyway. Here’s one from better days, when I would sing to her to the tune of the Chipmunks’ Christmas song “Christmas Don’t Be Late,” “You…are in…my Su-ba-ru…”