May: Douglas Dam Tailwater Campground, East Tennessee

This was a fabulous campgroud, run by Tennessee State Parks. We stayed here twice. The first time was my first experience without power. Oreo finally got used to being in the camper alone when I went to the showers. We had to stick with the same routine every day though; I’d get up, take a lightning-fast shower, come back, then make coffee, we’d walk as the oatmeal cooked over the embers, then everyone had breakfast. One time I went out of order and she panicked and chewed a hole in my screen.

It did get very hot one day and Oreo overheated. She actually started crying. I got over my aversion to talking to strangers to ask two guys if I could pass through their site to get Oreo to the river to cool off, and they said yes. (No dogs are supposed to be in the water because the current can get quick, but it was an emergency. I kept her on her 30′ leash.) Ten minutes later, she was like a new dog! Happy as a clam.

Unfortunately, Charlie the cat passed away from a urinary tract blockage while we were there. It was the worst thing that’s happened to us on this whole odyssey (I’m writing this in Jan. 2019, trying to get caught up). Gray Kitty is the only cat left.

While I was there, someone told me about Thousand Trails campgrounds so I joined, and that’s one of the best things that’s happened on this whole trip. If anyone wants to join let me know and I’ll send you a link so I get a $25 referral bonus. 🙂

The campsite at Douglas Dam Tailwater. We stayed in the tent a couple days while the Shasta was getting her roof sealed (again; wrong).
Waterfront site
Oreo enjoying the coolness


Beautiful foggy morning (bah ha ha! Look at all the pet hair on the window, ewwww, that’s on the inside).
Stealth painted the back and front of the trailer when camp managers weren’t looking.