Oreo #StandsUpWithEvan collecting petition signatures in Kentucky

Everyone loves Oreo, so when they come over to ask if they can pet her, what happened to her leg, oh she’s so beautiful, etc., I ask them, “So, are you registered to vote in Kentucky? Would you sign my petition to get a third-party candidate added to the ballot?” Most grab the pen right away, horrified by the current top two choices. If they hesitate I say, “Sign the petition, pet the dog…” and they usually sign, ha ha! When I tell them it’s Evan McMullin they nod and say, “Oh, the CIA guy…” Glad he’s getting some name recognition.

On the way home my GPS went a little wacky and brought us on a Kentucky scenic by-way instead of the main highway. It was so beautiful! We stopped at the Cumberland Falls picnic area and Oreo went for a swim. Click the link to view.

Oreo swimming at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

Day 33 Reach4Raw marathon training

Quite a gap between Day 19 and Day 33. I had a bleeding blister caused by my new sneaker (they’ll take it back for a refund, bloody and everything; love Brooks). I had shin splints. I had work deadlines. I started campaigning for Evan McMullin, which takes a lot of time. I had visiting dogs. All through that time though I kept walking and running every few days. So today and two days ago the training went really, really well. Oreo did great two days ago, ran with me for about 10 minutes before getting tired, but today she was tired after the warm-up so she got to ride the whole way.

Day 33 Reach4Raw marathon training

I can’t post the video because I can’t believe how Southie I sounded. “Haahtbreak Hill.” I’ll have to watch that, so here’s an oldie but goodie.

Oreo on a snow day 12.17.13