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Tales of Oreo, a Tripawd Dog

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Tales of Oreo, a Tripawd Dog

Oreo and her Entourage – the Lazy Llamas

April 9th, 2018 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

For our first month in the Shasta Compact (I named her Rosie), I took us to an extremely nice campground. I wanted a safe place to test out my RV legs, and the packs’ too. Oreo and Charlie took to it immediately. Oreo even made friends with a stray camp cat, play-bowing to him and licking him until he was sopping wet. She was really depressed when I brought him to the no-kill humane society here; I couldn’t very well “trade” mine for him…

The move from my rental house was pretty traumatic; pouring rain, mud everywhere, I ruined the lawn trying to hook up the camper, and with less than an hour until closing time, I called the storage place begging for just one more storage unit (for a total of three). How did I ever get so much stuff? We did make it safely to the campground though, and the owner was so nice about us coming in late and in the rain.

The first guy to “fix” the RV didn’t do so well, and the door wouldn’t latch. I had it pulled shut with a ribbon tied to a cabinet door…and Gray Kitty escaped. He didn’t seal the running lights he installed either, so now Rosie was leaking from both ends. Over $500 in lost kitty postcards and one month later, Gray Kitty is back and is safe, just about half her weight is gone. She doesn’t try to get out anymore. Shadow HATED living in the RV. She was the last one in anyway, so first one out (they’re all technically fosters except Gray, whom I adopted). I brought her to the same no-kill humane society as the stray camp cat. They oohed and ahhed over her, and when pictures of their adoptees were posted just two days later, she was nowhere to be seen. It can safely be assumed she was adopted immediately (Russian-blue looking, and what a character, ha ha! Kept me in stitches until we got in the RV.)

So we spent a cold and rainy March at the Lazy Llama Campground in Chuckey, TN, and I highly recommend it! Especially for weekenders needing a breath of fresh air and some peace and quiet. The llamas are adorable, and the owner does arts and craft classes on weekends. There’s also a yarn shop and knitted goods made from the llama hair. #YarnGlutton I’ll be back, that’s for sure.


Oreo the Roving Rover

February 25th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Oreo is hitting the road! (I’ll drive, ha ha.) Her grandma passed away in December after a shockingly brief illness, so I’ve decided we’re going to see some sights before our times come, because we just never know when it’s going to happen.

Our new home on wheels is a 1971 Shasta Compact. Why so small? Because it’s what my Subaru can tow. Once Subie’s paid off I can upgrade to a new tow vehicle, but right now Rosie (the name I gave the Shasta) will have to do. I’m going to glam her up, of course, and Oreo will be able to get in and out with her portable ramp.

For security I’ll be posting our stops after we’ve left them, but I can tell you our first stop features some big, furry creatures Oreo will either love to romp with or be scared to death of. If her frenzied reaction to the Clydesdales at the Budweiser plant is any indication, we’re doomed…lol.


Oreo loves her new AST harness from

July 13th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

We’re still getting used to walking together with Oreo’s new AST harness but it fits great and has already been a big help getting her up and down her ramp. She’s 50 pounds, has a 27″ chest and is long, and the medium fits perfectly. I did get the shoulder strap but I haven’t mastered that yet, lol. When I pick her up like a doggy purse she smiles and smiles; I wish I could get a selfie of that.

The Pawfriction I got through the tripawds site is very interesting. It works really well on Oreo’s back foot, fairly well on her front feet. It took me a while to get the stuff (and the tube of glue) unstuck from my fingers afterward, ha ha! I won’t be leaving any fingerprints anywhere for a while. I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.

We just got back from the vet. Oreo has a bit of creaking in her back left ankle, and some arthritis in her right front elbow. This could be what caused her to take a spill down the stairs the other day, and also is probably why she needs to rest on our walks lately. We take they DoggyRide on our morning walk now. She walks to the park, does her business, then gets to ride home.

She is such a trouper, and I hate to see her getting old. I can empathize though; when she fell and I picked her up to carry her up the stairs, I had to rest halfway up; my left arm was too weak to hold her! It’s tough to get old, isn’t it, Oreo, my wonderful friend.

Oreo in her AST harness

Oreo’s back pad with Pawfriction on it.


Oreo at the health care rally

July 4th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

We got lost so only got to attend for about five minutes, but we made an appearance! I’m starting to recognize people from Pantsuit Nation and other groups, like This rally was put on by the Tennessee Health Care Campaign, wonderful people.

The other side of my sign says Medicare For All. I finally got some chalkboard paper ($2 on clearance at Target!) and repurposed my Evan McMullin for President yard sign. We go to so many protests now it’s the easiest way. 🙂

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Keep the faith that we can make it through these troubling times. #Resist!


Oreo is a celebrity

June 29th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

James Mackler in Knoxville

Posted by Gloria Johnson on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oreo is a politipup. She started last August 2016, campaigning for Evan McMullin. Then we went to the polls on election day to hold up our sign (the Hillary people were very nice and let us stand with them; I got one car honk). Then we went to the state house in Nashville to try to get the electors to vote for Evan (or Kasich…anyone but DJT). Then we did the Women’s March, the Tax March, the Science March, the Climate March, the Refugee March, the March for Truth, some AHCA protests, and tonight we were at an event for candidate James Mackler for US Senate. A loose dog came up and they got stuck on each other’s faces until a brilliant man came over and dumped a cup of water on their heads. No harm, no foul, not even a scratch (well, I have some scratches, possibly a bite on my foot and my index finger hurts from trying to pry mouths off each other, but I’ll live). 🙂

Here’s a link to the news story from yesterday; she’s mentioned in the first line: “That’s why it was important to her to join around 15 protesters — with a handful of small children and one three-legged dog.”


Been a long time – Oreo is part of #TheResistance now

February 1st, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

So, I stopped blogging back in September when a man passed me while I was running and said, “Good morning, Lee Ann,” and I had never seen him before. I changed training routes and took it offline. I ended up not finishing the training and not doing the marathon due to a number of things, but I’d really like to try again.

Meanwhile, Oreo and I have been busy resisting the current regime. After we helped get Evan McMullin on the ballot in Kentucky and Virginia, we took to social media to help spread the word. Unfortunately, Evan didn’t win. Since then, we’ve gone to the state house in Nashville to urge the electors not to vote for DJT. We went to our senators’ offices and urged them to reject DJTs cabinet nominees (we took the picture so she’s not in it). We did the Women’s March in our home city (in the rain) with 5,000 others. And today we did the #NoBanNoWall walk. It’s been a whirlwind, that’s for sure! She’s been a trooper though, and if we don’t move to Canada or Mexico, we’ll keep at it here until peace and sanity are restored.

The wind blew this into the road.


Oreo #StandsUpWithEvan collecting petition signatures in Kentucky

September 4th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Everyone loves Oreo, so when they come over to ask if they can pet her, what happened to her leg, oh she’s so beautiful, etc., I ask them, “So, are you registered to vote in Kentucky? Would you sign my petition to get a third-party candidate added to the ballot?” Most grab the pen right away, horrified by the current top two choices. If they hesitate I say, “Sign the petition, pet the dog…” and they usually sign, ha ha! When I tell them it’s Evan McMullin they nod and say, “Oh, the CIA guy…” Glad he’s getting some name recognition.

On the way home my GPS went a little wacky and brought us on a Kentucky scenic by-way instead of the main highway. It was so beautiful! We stopped at the Cumberland Falls picnic area and Oreo went for a swim. Click the link to view.

Oreo swimming at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky


Day 33 Reach4Raw marathon training

September 2nd, 2016 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Quite a gap between Day 19 and Day 33. I had a bleeding blister caused by my new sneaker (they’ll take it back for a refund, bloody and everything; love Brooks). I had shin splints. I had work deadlines. I started campaigning for Evan McMullin, which takes a lot of time. I had visiting dogs. All through that time though I kept walking and running every few days. So today and two days ago the training went really, really well. Oreo did great two days ago, ran with me for about 10 minutes before getting tired, but today she was tired after the warm-up so she got to ride the whole way.

Day 33 Reach4Raw marathon training

I can’t post the video because I can’t believe how Southie I sounded. “Haahtbreak Hill.” I’ll have to watch that, so here’s an oldie but goodie.

Oreo on a snow day 12.17.13



Day 19 Reach4Raw marathon training

August 18th, 2016 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Finally a cool day to run! I’m really pushing past my current fitness level now, the last few minutes of jogging were actually walking. It was uphill, in my own defense.

Oreo wanted to stand up in her DoggyRide when we got near the pond, which made it nearly impossible to steer with its front wheel locked in the jog position. That’s the first time she’s ever done that. I didn’t realize how much her sitting near the back of the carriage helps with pushing and steering it.

We pass the same people most every day, and they all smile and say things like, “She’s got it made in the shade,” or, “Now there’s a lucky dog.” Now that they see us all the time some of them are actually asking what the deal is. Today a guy asked if she has a bad hip or something. I said she’s missing a back leg, which I don’t usually say because she doesn’t actually miss it at all, she gets along just fine without it. Usually I just say she’s an amputee.

Day 19 Oreo in the car

A little slower today because I was pushing myself.

Day 19 stats


Day 14 Reach4Raw marathon training, did great!

August 13th, 2016 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

We got a late start (I guess I needed those ten hours of sleep!) so it was quite hot. The rest day yesterday really made a difference, I was feeling strong. It was over 80 degrees, so Oreo got to ride most of the way. There was a 5K going on as we started our walk, so hearing all the music and seeing all the runners was really exciting. Some of them were just heading toward the finish line as we got started so we gave them encouragement like, “Woo hoooo! Almost there! You can do it! You can do it!” Most of them looked at me like I was some kind of hatchet murderer. Sheesh! At least the Jehovah’s Witnesses passing out pamphlets at the end of the race were nice to me.

P.S. We started after and finished before a good amount of runners. 🙂

And the stats. I think I pressed something when I was loading Oreo into her carriage so after walking for what seemed like a very long time I re-did a jog segment. I think the GPS actually worked today. I got the halfway prompt at about the halfway point and the “Whew! Nice work, you made it!” prompt at about the same place I’d started the loop.

Day 14 stats