August 12, 2014 – The day after the Great Escape

Yes, now that I’m finally recovered enough to talk about it, Oreo got out yesterday. It was my fault–I didn’t close my door tightly, and my landlord’s two German Shepherds wanted to come in and play. As I was yelling, “Out out out!” Oreo obeyed, much to my shock. After a second of petrification, I grabbed her leash and ran outside. She went running up to my landlord, who lunged for her but she kept juuuuuuuust out of reach. I could almost hear her saying, “Ha ha ha!” I was not laughing. I put on my best Academy performance with an upbeat and cheerful, “C’mere, Oreo! Come on!” <smile smile arms outstretched> She ran right up to me and sat and I just smothered her and grabbed her collar. While my landlord came over to help I put Oreo’s harness on her and finally got her safely attached again. Then she got a ball to chew as a reward for coming to me.

I was really not fit to drive after that but went to the farmer’s market a few towns over. There were four vendors, a little different than the city. Came home, worked, slept, and did some Oprah and Chopra meditation this morning, thanking my lucky stars I still have a dog (and cat; Buddy hid masterfully when the two shepherds were here yesterday). I won’t make that mistake again!!

After our second trip back and forth to NH
After our second trip back and forth to NH
Oreo has some visitors
Oreo has some visitors

Author: weddingdance

Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

5 thoughts on “August 12, 2014 – The day after the Great Escape”

  1. Ooooohhhhh Oreo! Those German Shepherds are just trouble, stay away, stay away! 😉

    I’m so glad you came back to your Momma. You’re a smart girl. Now be safe you hear?!

    P.S. Momma, we love Oprah/Chopra’s stuff too, it really helps doesn’t it?

  2. OREO!!! You are a very good girl for coming to your momma when she called you! Thank goodness she used her cheery inside voice!!!

    You are sooooo cute looking out the door for your visitors. I know everyone wants to visit with you because you are such a sweet girl!!

    Glad everyone is safe and Buddy found a purrfect hiding place!

    Hugs to all…and a few extra treats!!

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