Day 4 of Reach4Raw marathon training, rest day

We had a rest day today so just walked at Oreo’s pace. When she got hot she got a buggy ride for most of the rest of the way. When *I* got hot she had to get out and walk on her own uphill, ha ha. We saw some people with New England Patriots gear on and I knew they were actually from New England because of their lily-white legs. The video came out sideways, not sure why.

Day 4 R4R video

Rest day
Rest day

Author: weddingdance

Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

One thought on “Day 4 of Reach4Raw marathon training, rest day”

  1. Sideways ir not, we know a good looking tripawd when we see one! And Oreo is a very good looking tripawd lovi g life!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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