October 25, 2014 – I fought the fleas and I…think I won!

About ten days after my last trip to New Hampshire at the beginning of August (and staying in some hotels along the way), I noticed my cat and dog itching. I bought a flea comb and voila: they both had fleas. Could have picked them up in the hotel, or, it has been an extremely bad season for fleas in this area, so they could have caught them here.

Six hundred dollars later...I think I won.
Six hundred dollars later…I think I won.

1. Bought a flea comb; ascertained they have fleas. $4

2. Bought a vacuum cleaner, vacuum every day: $80

3. Brought all our beds and bedding to the laundromat every week to wash with soap and eucalyptus oil and dry on hot: $20/week x 10 weeks = $200

4. Already had Vet’s Best spray: $10

5. Bought Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Spray: $12

6. Bought EcoTreat from Wondercide and sprayed the outside of my cabin: $75

7. Bought a bag of Diatomaceous Earth and covered my house and pets. Spent hours dusting and cleaning the DE off everything: $16

8. Bought Natural Repel Soap with citronella and geranium from Wondercide and watched the fleas run for their lives down her legs: $10

9. Spread DE and spent days cleaning it up.

10. Bought more EcoTreat and soap, sprayed finally after ten days of rain: $85

11. Spread DE and spent days cleaning it up.

12. Bought Only Natural Pet squeeze on drops for cats and dogs: $34

13. Spread DE, they got it on them after the squeeze-on drops and it became a paste, spent days cleaning it up. Vacuum cleaner quit because it’s too clogged with DE.

14. Bought BioDefense from Wondercide: $99

Somewhere in there I also bought Brewer’s Yeast for $13 and feed it to them every day.

Today I gave Oreo a bath, and only 2 dead fleas came off her and one live one made for her head but I caught it and drowned it. After each treatment/vacuum/bath they would have some relief and I would think, thank God that’s over! Then within hours to days they’d be scratching again. I took my vacuum cleaner apart and cleaned all the DE out of it. Tomorrow (and for a long while to come) I’ll be dusting surfaces. That DE is EVERYWHERE.

Oreo after her bath in her bathrobe.
Oreo after her bath in her bathrobe.

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Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

8 thoughts on “October 25, 2014 – I fought the fleas and I…think I won!”

  1. WOW! What a trouper all of you are, that’s an amazingly impressive all-natural flea control war you waged there. I am SO in awe of how you hung in there and chose natural products and hard labor over dousing the pupperz in chemicals. YAY FOR YOU!!! You get Dog Mom of the Year!!!

    So it looks like you spent almost $640 on this episode? Yikes!

    We live in fear of fleas and keep our fingers & paws crossed that Wyatt doesn’t get ’em. We’ve never used a conventional flea control product on him and so far so good but as even your super well-taken care of doggies show, sometimes those fleas just feel like being mean. If we ever have to battle those little buggers I will refer back to this (in fact, i hope you don’t mind that I will share this in the Gear Blog, this is awesome). Also appreciate the tip about DE getting caught up in the vacuum. I had no idea it would do that!

  2. Yes, please do share. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what we went through. Go straight to the Wondercide. Also kudos to the man who owns my cabin. He could have come in with his can of poison to protect his investment, but he let me try the natural way. The extra $300 spent was due to 1) my vacuum cleaner not making it on the last trip down from New Hampshire so I had to buy one, 2) I don’t have a washing machine in the cabin yet and didn’t want to risk infesting my landlord’s laundry room so went to the laundromat, 3) I was too cheap to spring for the $100 bottle of BioDefense, so tried all those other things first.

  3. Hi..We have been having a really bad year for fleas in Florida. My cat is never outside…only on the porch (and we are on 3rd floor!), however, she has been miserable from the fleas. I tried the usual chemical sprays…about killing my respiratory system in the process. I saw your product online and decided to give it a try….it proved to be a Godsend!!! Love the cedar smell and how fast it worked to alleviate my poor cat’s itching and scratching (not to mention how well it worked on the furniture..thus stopping us from getting bit too). I had a small amount of Evolv left in one of the bottles and decided to try giving her a bath using it mixed with Blue Dawn dishsoap….it worked wonders. Have not seen a liquid that you sell for cats to bathe them in. Just thought I would pass this along.

  4. Hi Pam, So glad the Wondercide worked, well, wonders for you! 🙂 I don’t actually sell it though, I’m just so happy with it I’m shouting it from the rooftops. Or at least blogging about it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your results!

  5. I tried Wondercide today for the first time on a 3 Mon. old pup,and I was very surprised when I Saw flees com out of hiding so that you can easily remove them.Wondercide really does work

    1. I’m so glad it worked for you! The soap smells so good, and leaves their coat so soft. Maybe Oreo will get a bath this afternoon. 🙂 The fleas are much better this year, although I did move to the city so that might be the reason. I’ve only found a couple on the cat, and one or two on Oreo in the past six months since moving.

    1. I think their new rosemary scent is more manly than the lemongrass. If they come out with a lavender scent, ooh la la! Or eucalyptus, yum.

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