July 12, 2014 – Swimming with the pack

Oreo swims with her pack

These two gorgeous girls are about six years younger than Oreo is and have endless energy, so I’m still quite protective of Oreo when they play together. She can’t go up on those rocks with them because that’s where I think she hurt her foot the other day (which is mended now, yay). They’re so cute when they come up to the cabin door and look in the windows as if to say, “Can Oreo come out and play?”

Yesterday I went in the water with her and she was quite concerned, swimming in circles around me, but didn’t try to herd me to shore. I got her back up the drive to the cabin by dangling her toy in front of her the whole way. Then I had to give her a shower, because I’m going to have to rename her Cremesicle since the red clay is tinging her coat orange, ha ha! Today we’re sitting in the meadow office working, and she’s happy as a clam (although she really wants to get back to that lake; maybe tomorrow morning).

Moving here was more costly than I had planned, what with the one-way U-haul rental, the new phone because AT&T doesn’t work out here, the Sprint Zing hotspot which doesn’t have unlimited data (three viewings of a YouTube video and I was at my limit), purchasing a satellite Dish for Internet, which still doesn’t have unlimited data (although the rate is reduced from 2am-6am…). I really am out in the woods here. Thank God my landlord set up this patio table within a 2-bar range of his unlimited data. The video above took over an hour to upload. When they finally run cable out here, I’ll be first in line!


Spoiled City Girl, but worth it all because my dog is smiling


Author: weddingdance

Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

One thought on “July 12, 2014 – Swimming with the pack”

  1. I love watching her swim, her form is so different than our Wyatt, who bobs up and down a lot even though he’s a rear legger. The Float Coat is such an awesome device to help Tripawds isn’t it?

    We can totally relate with the connectivity issues & expense involved of being out in the sticks, we have the same issues because we are mobile in our RV and prefer to be in the country. In the end though, after 7 years of doing it, the trade offs of being able to have your dog in the fresh air, running free and having a ball, are SO worth the trade offs.

    Check into Millenicom, they have great data plans that won’t bankrupt you, should be able to get that service where you are. We have satellite internet, it’s what we run Tripawds from. It can be frustrating but it’s better than living in the city in our opinion!

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