May 12, 2014 running

Oreo Wolff 5k for PETA Pack 2013This is actually an old photo from last year’s Walk for Whiskers. Today we went to Mine Falls and did 2.3 miles in 31.3 minutes. Not bad for about our fourth time out this year. A lovely lady walking by said, “How creative!” when she saw Oreo in her buggy on our way back. So sweet. Most of the time I get snarls and, “Spoiled dog,” grumblings. Today was great. Oreo then wanted another run at 3pm but now it’s over 80 degrees F. We walked on as much grass as possible so her pads wouldn’t get too hot, and now she’s sacked out completely, ha ha! Love her.

Author: weddingdance

Tripawd mom to angel Oreo, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 7, 2019. I miss her to pieces.

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  1. Hi Oreo, you sure are one pretty pup! And very strong and fit too, it’s such an honor to have you join us, we can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

    P.S. We should make a placard for your stroller that says “I’m not spoiled, just a well-taken care of Tripawd!”

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